If you have a full house to liquidate, it can be overwhelming.  Leave it to ReHome!  Our team will tag, price and merchandise every item in your space. This includes attics, outside spaces, storage buildings, etc.  We will handle all the staffing, advertise the event, and execute a public sale on your property to liquidate the contents. At the end of the sale, we will coordinate a charity pick up on the remaining items. Your property is vacant and you get the money! 

Consignment –  We receive many calls asking if we take partial estates. Unfortunately, we don't have a venue to take those to.  We are dedicated to locations that are full and available to warrant at least a 3 day sale to the public.  Therefore, we don't have room to bring in additional items.  If you have a few large pieces to sell, we recommend contacting an auction company that can pick up your items and add them to a sale they have consisting of partial estates. Many local companies hold 2-3 sales a month and can be an instant answer to your needs.

Estate Buyout –  Sometimes we are asked about coming to completely buy out what you have.   This is rarely an option.  Again, unless we have a partial estate to "marry" it into, we don't have anywhere to store it.  You may contact other companies to see if they can help or even an auction company that would pay you on the spot.  

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