Frequently Asked Questions

Seller FAQs

What do we need to do to prepare for the sale?  

Your main job is to go through the property and remove any items not involved in the sale.  This includes removing all personal items, paperwork, photos, medications, etc.  Once you've done this, you can leave it to ReHome.  We will process everything from the closets, cabinets and drawers during our preparation.  Should we come across any personal items, we will put them aside for you.

How far out do we reserve a date for the sale?  

Our calendar stays full!  As soon as you realize you need to have a sale, you should begin interviewing companies and consider dates available.  In general, ReHome is booking two months "out".

How long does it take to set up a sale?  

We need complete access at least two weeks prior to the sale for prep.  More time may be necessary if there are extra storage or "out" buildings to process.

Do I need to be in attendance for the sale?  

No.  In fact, it can be emotional and sterile to see the house set up for a sale and respond to price tags.  We recommend that you leave everything in the hands of ReHome.  During the live sale, our staff will represent your property with respect, while providing a fun professional atmosphere for the public to shop.


What happens with items that don't sell?  

Keep in mind that the inventory always belongs to you, the Seller.  After our successful three day sale, what's left is usually ready for donation.  If you would like ReHome to be involved in a donation pickup, we will meet  the charity and they will pick up any unsold items. This will leave the house empty and broom cleaned.  A tax receipt will be provided.

Do you take items on consignment and bring into other sales?  Very rarely.  Most houses we liquidate are completely full and don't have room for additional inventory.  Also, we don't have a storage building or venue to hold items while waiting for an opening.

Buyer's FAQs

What if I see something pictured that I want to buy before the sale opens?  

Once the photos are online, everyone has the same information.  To be fair, we cannot pre-sale an item.  Also, the item may be different than it's pictured (larger, smaller, wider) and not exactly what you had in mind.  We hope you can come to the sale and see the item to confirm your interest.  Rarely, but sometimes, the client sees an item in our photos and pulls it from the sale.  This is probably the case if you saw a picture, but the item was gone when we opened.  :-(

How can I know when ReHome is having a sale?  

We send an email notification the day before each sale opens with all the info.  Click here to join our mailing list. We also list our sales on Ashley'

and  Will will print an ad in the DemocratGazette for sales that are not in the LR/NLR retro area.

Do you accept offers on items or negotiate pricing?  

Yes and no.  In general we don't negotiate pricing beyond the tag price and our daily discounts.  Our standard policy is all items are full price on Friday, 20% off on Saturday, and 50% off on Sunday.  We have a "bid" box available during the sale for you to leave a written offer.  These bids are checked at the end of each day before an item is reduced to the above discount.  The highest bidder will be called and that item will be sold to them.  If no bids are placed on an item, it will be subject to the standard discounts.


What happens with items that don't sell?  

After our successful three-day sale, what's left is still property of the estate.  Usually items are donated to a local charity.  Or, sometime we have an offer to buyout what's left.  We will negotiate a price and the buyer must remove all items (no picking just the good stuff).  Either way, this process is supervised by ReHome and takes place a few days after each sale so the client can proceed with their plans for the property. 

Still Have Questions?

Have a questions not answered here?  Feel free to contact us and ask.