About Us

Hello! I'm Lori Edelstein

I'm a native Arkansan and have lived in Little Rock since I was six years old.  I have always been fascinated with people getting rid of things that still had "life" in them.  I believe in Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose.  So...I created a little company named "ReHome".  I have solutions for liquidating your estate while finding someone to appreciate it again-AND you get money for it!   

ReHome celebrated our 5th Anniversary this April!


ReHome just celebrated our 5th anniversary in April, 2019.  My experience in executing over 300 sales, from an independent yard sale to a massive family estate, gives me the expertise in getting you the best prices for your stuff and at the same time providing you with incredible customer service!  People who need our service are in a transition stage for themselves or for their family.  I appreciate the emotions that go along with letting go of the things they have held onto for years.  With your trust, we will liquidate your estate completely and respectfully.  Please contact me when you are ready to downsize.   501.831.3252 

Our Fantastic Team

ReHome has a great team that has a passion for the estate sale business.  In one way or another, we have all collected, resold, or re-purposed things for a hobby.  Some even do it as a side business!  Each estate is different and it's a challenging and rewarding process to liquidate each one. Our love for that business is evident in providing the best customer service all the way through.